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Our Milestones

Here to aim to engage, encourage and equip parents

Nazareth Milestones aim to engage, encourage and equip parents through identified significant markers in a child's faith and highlight these moments with a ceremony, training and a family essentials component.  Nazareth staff will provide a folder for each child and communicate prior to ceremonies and trainings (see below descriptions). If you have questions contact Meg Husted or Kim Albertsen

1. Baptism

Baptism is a sacrament. It is a sign of God's love and will that we be reborn in the image of Christ our Savior.  It is a deed by God that enables us to live according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Classes are held August 7, 2022, October 2, 2022, February 5, 2023, and May 7, 2023.

2. Birds and Bees 

Birds and Bees is a curriculum that teaches, equips and encourages parents to be the expert in talking to their kids about sex. For parents of kids ages 1-10 years old. Event is held February 4, 2023

3. Pre-K Orientation

Pre-K orientation is an opportunity to welcome new preschool-aged kids into the KidzRock ministry and support parents as they navigate this new stage of development.  Orientation is held 8.28.22

4. Kindergarten Rite of Passage

Kindergarten Rite of Passage is a special ceremony to pray for and recognize our children entering Kindergarten. Takes part during Sunday services on 8.21.22

5. 2nd Grade Bibles

2nd Grade Bibles provides each second grader with their own Adventure Bible, providing instruction on how to use it alongside parents or mentors. 2022 Date is set for September 25th.

6. 5th Grade Communion Class

Fifth graders are provided formal instruction on this sacrament as they prepare to partake in their first communion.  This Two-part class takes place the two Sundays before Easter.

7. Confirmation

Confirmation provides a series of classes/instruction/curriculum to prepare our junior high aged students' hearts and minds before formally proclaiming their belief in Christ. For any 7th and 8th graders. See below for more details.

8. Graduation

We celebrate our high school students as they move on into young adulthood with special recognition of seniors at a Sunday morning service the weekend of graduation.

Baptism at Naz

The 2nd Sunday of each month is baptism Sunday at Naz. Baptisms are held at both services or private baptisms can be held in Larsen Chapel following the services. A Pre-baptism class is offered 4 times a year to all families seeking an infant baptism. We invite you to schedule your class today.


Confirmation at Naz


Confirmation is designed to provide a caring and safe Christian environment where it is possible for young people to challenge, test, and affirm their Christian beliefs and, likewise, be challenged to experience spiritual growth and responsibility to others.  The Confirmation Program at Nazareth is committed to encouraging and supporting young people’s attempt to derive meaning from their struggles and questions and to make application of the Christian faith to daily life.

Confirmation Ceremony is May 30th at 9:00 a.m.  

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