Naz Next Steps

Each person is at a different place (or step) in his or her discipleship journey – SEEKING, BELIEVING, FOLLOWING, or WITNESSING. You might even find yourself in more than one of these places at a time! At each of these steps, there will be multiple opportunities in community with other Christians to enable you in a variety of ways to know Christ better, grow deeper in your relationship with Him, and to make Christ known through what you do and say. We invite you to take your next step in your relationship with Christ.

Volunteer at Naz

Use your gifts to help further the kingdom of God.


Engage in a small group for spiritual growth as your seek, believe, follow, and witness.

Join a Small Group

Take a spiritual assessment

God has given His believers spiritual gifts, through the Holy Spirit, to be used to glorify Him.  1 Timothy 4:14 tells us "Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hand on you. Take the survey to discover your spiritual gifts.

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Take your next step with membership or baptism.